One way interruptions

Hi all,

I am a customer using a 25X3 LTE Baicels radio about 3 miles from a tower. I am experiencing one way outages of 30 sec to 1 min in duration. This happens about every 20 minutes or so during peak times. I have noticed traffic to me (UDP (voip) continues, but my transmit stops, then resumes after the outage.
ICMP traffic to the CPE side and carrier side of the radio works just fine, but the next hop stops answering.

My carrier is chasing this without much success.

Has anyone seen this or something like it? Any hint as to what to test?

If you are getting to the access point while this happens the problem may not be on the baicell equipment.

Running a program like pingplotter may help diagnose as it will show you which hop dies, then you can relay that to the ISP. Such as, “I am reaching X.X.X.X just fine but I start losing packets to X.X.X.X when it happens.”

I have used trace route to identify the hops and continuous pings to each, recorded via powershell to a script file capturing the time and date. It stops at, I think, data switch local to the tower. I will download ping plotter, guessing it will show the same thing just all in one display.