Powering the Nova R9 1W


Has anyone played around with options for powering or done any monitoring on actual current draw on the Nova R9 1W?

I know the PS says under 5amps at 48V but…

I’m sure many of us are not used to running DC up the tower and would prefer some sort of PoE option or a way to power cycle without adding extra active hardware to the mix. Also, we have some off grid sites that we will have to figure something out for.those.

One thought was to try a power tap of some sort. Tycon has lots. I was thinking something simple like this one:
We could then power the device,and have control from the PoE switch for either manual or automatic power cycling.

For an off grid site, we could just convert form 24 - 48V but the power cycle option is still something we would like.

I’m interested in hearing anyone’s thoughts.



If I wanted to run an eNB on PoE, I would personally use a pair of these: http://www.mccowntech.com/product/800-gige-poe-outdoor-cat-6-poe-injector-ethernet-surge-protector-2/ (one at the bottom to feed power into the cat5, and another at the top to split power back off), plus you get extra surge protection out of it.

As far as actual power supplies go, there’s not reason you need to use the one that comes with it… any 48volt power source will do (actually something like 42v-58v according to the manual). I believe the spec sheets list the power consumption at 65 watts max, but the actual use looks to be closer to 30 watts on average, so you’re probably going to want somewhere around a 1.5 amp power supply at a minimum.

And for remote power cycling, I’d look at some of the Packetflux products… there are certainly a lot of other good options too though (you could power it off the something like a Netonix switch using PoE, for example).


Thanks for the suggestion. I never did the math, but even at 60 watts, it really only needs 1.25 amps. Might be a good fit.


Understand the only official support method for power is direct DC feed with either + or - 48VDC power.