Standard PoE/802.3af in CPEs

Currently, the CPEs are using Passive PoE, so they don’t work with standard PoE equipment and have to use the included PoE Injector. It would be nice to be able to use PoE from switches and other standard equipment, and would allow the PoE Injector to not be included to save on materials and cost for each of the CPEs.

6 of one half a dozen of the other. Adding af circuitry will add enough cost to negate any cost savings you’re hoping for, especially at scale for everyone that is using injectors.

Take a look at ubiquiti’s instant af outdoor adapter. It’s inline, will take af/at to 24v passive, and does work with the baicells CPE.

For the ratio of injector installs vs from poe switch installs I’d say just use the converter. Tycon also makes one, but the ubiquiti one can plug right into the CPE outside and is slick.

That definitely makes sense, but we’d love to be able to plug the CPE into a PoE switch with other PoE devices and I can’t imagine that we’re the only ones with a use case like that. It’s also slightly confusing that the eNBs are using standard PoE and would provide consistency across the product line.