Nova 227 250mW power supply voltage

Need to confirm the voltage of the Nova 227 base station power supply and cannot find that into. Any help would be appreciated.


48v POE

It’s regular passive 48v

No, it is PoE+ IEEE 802.3at. Therefore it is active POE and requires a handshake on voltage before powering up.

If your PoE device uses the PoE standard 48V 802.3af or 802.3at, it is considered to use active POE. This means that the device will check the power coming in, and, if it doesn’t meet the device requirements, it just won’t power up.

PoE standards have been optimized for safety. In addition to a safe voltage range, the devices must communicate according to established procedures. Before providing the supplying voltage, the PoE power supply unit tests the connection. 802.3at then does a “handshake”, meaning it checks to ensure the power is compatible between the PoE sender and the receiver, and won’t power up if the receiver does not acknowledge.

The stock power supply is 48v, they should handle up to 56v without any problem, if I remember correctly (I know we have several running on ~54v without any problems.

The Nova 227 is of course 802.3at compliant, as you said, but it definitely will power up with a passive POE injector. We have several of them powered that way.

Thank you. Ours got mixed up with others, didn’t want to burn it up.