What is the PoE voltage range of the AtomR9-11dbi outdoor unit?

This product comes with a 12v PoE injector. That voltage is difficult to use for longer cable runs.

Is it possible to operate this equipment with an 18v or 24v injector? It seems odd that this unit uses a different standard than the 19dbi unit.

Voltage range of our Baicells Atom UEs is 9~28VDC

i use a 24 volt battery pack to power up during alignment.

Great! I got scared off by the label that says 12v only.
24v allows us to use our standard equipment for surveys and CPE routers.

I was worried as well about the 12V. I was going to comment about the bad planning behind having one product at 24V and another at 12V. It’s good to know they are both 24V. The are a direct swap for us with our old gear. No need to even go in the house.