Reduce the Coverage for Baicells Indoor eNB

Hi Team,

We are trying to integrate Baicells Indoor eNB with Magma AGW. We need to reduce the power the coverage for this eNB. I have one query what other parameter we need to change the coverage except the eNB Transmit Power, Antenna Configuartion.

Any help it would be appreciated.

Hi all,

Can you please share any comment regarding this query.

Aniket Joshi

Hello Aniket -

On the Neutrino 430, there is a place in the GUI where you can control the output power. The range is from 0 db to 27 db.

Thank you

Hi ErikR thanks for reply yes i know in GUI the power option is available but i have query is there any other parameter for change in Baicells eNB for reduce the coverage in Indoor.