UE-Relay SmallCell


If I want to install it product in my home, is require any additional configuration on Operator side?

If yes, please describe the details.


Hi Eugene,

If you want to use the Bai-Cell LTE products, it will require you to obtain a Bai-Cell Base Station (this is your Access Point), than you will need to purchase your CPE (ODU) (Subscriber Module Units) These would have to be programmed. You will also have to have a Bai-Cell Cloud account setup, this is free and you will have to register your Bai-Cell Base Station on your Cloud Account. As well you will want to make sure that when you have your Base Station, that you have the Halo-B License as this makes configuring your Base Station a lot easier to work on your network. There are documents out there how to set this all up. Once you have all of this setup you will get SIM cards for your CPE equipment those SIMS will have to be added onto your Bai-Cell Cloud Account, and you will have to activate them on your account.

There is a lot of setup involved but when you have it configured it runs pretty good.

So unless you have a Base Station along with Halo-B installed, and CPE equipment, than I could help you more.

Typically your Base Station would be installed outside on like a small tower or a poll, or were ever you can install it at, and a ethernet cable going from the base station to the router. Make sure you setup your Base Station in Bridge Mode, and you setup your CPE Equipment in NAT mode. Make sure that your CPE equipment has the TR069 Cloud Key you get from your account is entered into the CPE configurations. Make sure that your in your Base Station Configuration that your Hyper Link is entered in for Bai Cell Cloud Link. These are important steps, there are configuration guides out there how to setup your account.

It gets really long and in detail on how to actually set all this up, let me know if you have a Base Station and the CPE equipment, I might be able to help you out further.

I have a Base Station Nova 233 (band 5, 28, 40), Neutrino(pBS4100, band40), but I do not want to use the Bai Cell Cloud. Now I using my own EPC core.