Setup Meter For Installs or Site Survey

Is there any kind of meter that can be used for the OD4 or OD6 to determine signal strength? Instead of having to drag out my laptop for every install or site survey just looking an easier way to install that will save some time. I used to install Sat TV years ago and we had a meter that was self powered that you could find and adjust to get max signal. So it meant one trip up the ladder and done. Holding laptop on ladder is no fun. Or maybe there is just an easier way to install that I am missing. Welcome any advice from anyone. Also is there an “audible” signal meter strength indicator on the Baicells setup page or is it visual only. Thanks for any help and advice.

we use these for all of our UBNT/BaiCells site surveys and installs.

So this will work for the BaiCells OD4 and OD6 and you are saying the OD4 will connect to the same mobile app I use for the Ubiquity LOS antennas? The UNMS app in order to tune one in? I thought the UNMS app was for the LOS LiteBeam and similar antennas only. Thanks for all the information. Still thinking about it so I am thinking you do not use the UNMS app for the BaiCells but since the tool broadcast a WiFi signal you still connect to the LTE the same way? Like the for the BaiCells to use its interface. Correct? Or have I totally flown off the deep end lol

Yep you got it. But after talking with my techs they actually use the Link Technologies version, not the Ubiquiti. They used to but was having issues logging into the BaiCells UE.

We just use the WiFi connection to connect to the UE and then login and configure/align from there. We use both 14dBi Gen2 UE and 19dBi Gen2 UE.