SNMP Monitoring for eNb


Hello Team,

any News and a ETA for SNMP on the eNb so that we can Monitor Signal Levels of UE`s?

Further, I am not successfull for SNMP on IDU UE’s.
Does anybody have confirmed success in reliable graphing of UE OID’s as posted in:,
Does this work and does it work for ODU’s and IDU’s?



We’ve been graphing the outdoor 11dbi and 19dbi UE’s based on those OID’s without issue since the 1.0.8 update.

The snmp community name is ‘public’


I’m just starting to use Baicell and I cant believe there is no SNMP for the base station? I must be missing something, we don’t want to setup and monitor all the CPEs for simple check of who is connected and their signal strength.


You are supposed to use the OMC (TR69) for eNB monitoring.
SNMP is on the Feature request list since a while dow…