What are our options for PPPoE support?

Hi Guys,

Just wondering what other ISP’s are doing that primarily use PPPoE as their main auth?

Are you guys abandoning Baicell in favor of other vendors like Telrad for their PPPoE support?

Have any of you found a nice tidy way to make PPPoE work behind the baicells?

I only ask as we’ve been acquired by a new company that demands migration back to pppoe, and that doesn’t fit with how I’ve the Baicell LTE’s deployed in our network. We’re basically DHCP mac reserved whether the Baicells are connecting to the cloud core, or the in-house telrad core.


Hi Hanson,

What OSS/BSS is the new company using? Many operators are integrating with our BOSS API, which effectively allows them to sync subscriber data from their existing AAA to BOSS (and BOSS syncs with the EPC HSS). Integrating with BOSS would be the most elegant solution as you wouldn’t have redundant auth (from EPC + BRAS) or wasted Ethernet frame headers.

I have also seen some operators use PPP or GRE to create a L2 bridge for PPPoE to function.