Transparent Bridging - i need to pass 802.1q VLAN's

Hello all. I am somewhat (very) new to baicells product line. We are in the middle of a demonstraton project and are running into a not-so-small problem.

We need the ability to pass about four 802.1q VLANs - more if possible. We have a small network covering a few square miles, that requires video camera encoders on one VL. Another for SIP VoIP endpoints, and another for SCADA control traffic. And, if you will, one more for business traffic.

Of course, I like to keep my network management separated on a VL that is outside of the scope of the other traffic.

I keep reading and searching the documentation and this community forum, but I cannot find a mecahnism for me to configure the CPE to support the 802.1q packets to forward to our managed switches in the field.

If anybody here has an idea, Please advise - i’d sure appreciate it.



Hi Chris -

Thanks for posting your message here, too. I will give you a call now and can help clarify how 802.1Q tags are handled.

Call any time… I have a desk full of doorstops in my lab.

Good talk, as I said, we’re all looking forward to the new release of Halo B (v2). As soon as it becomes available you will be notified. Not sure if @jesse has any new target dates yet, but we are hopeful it will be soon.