Wireless interface agregated throughput

Hello everyone.
We are a wireless operator in Argentina and we are about to bring a Baicells node for testing.
I have some questiones about this basestations that has arisen based on the videos and reviews that I have seen on YouTube of the brand Baicells.
The customer tests they have performed have yielded download values of up to 70 megs. The specific question is what is the aggregate throuthput of each BTS or eNodeB. I mean, how much aggregate wireless megabytes does the device can handle in the wireless interface? Since I’ve seen that the ethernet interface is 1 gbps, but I do not think the BTS will handle that traffic on its wireless interface. I apologize if this question is very obvious, arises from my ignorance of the theoretical capacity of wireless interface used by this equipment.
To be clearer, ¿what is the total capacity of the air interface? For example here the wireless measurements we make with the equipment we use now, throw us between 5 and 10 megs in a punctual user but the amount of ggregated megs that can traffic each central transmitter is 100 megs.
This is decisive since the total traffic that can be handled in the wireless interface by Baticells directly determines the type of service we can provide to our customers.
Thanks for your answer
Marco Magnanelli
Kaanit S.R.L.