BaiCE_AP_2.2.1_NA - New Atom 04 Gen2 CPE firmware has been released!

BaiCE_AP_2.2.1_NA firmware for Atom 04 Cat4 Gen2 CPEs has been released.

SUPPORTED HARDWARE: Atom 04 Cat4 Gen2 (outdoor & indoor CPE | EG7035E, EG7035L, EG2030C)

Software Download:



New Features:
- Added: Can adjust MTU setting.
- Added: Supports 16 bit password length and supports special characters.
- Added: Display LTE connection time and System uptime.  

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Error checking added to inputs on Security->IP Filter page.
- Fixed: WiFi country code is set to US. 
- Fixed: WiFi configuration page removed for outdoor CPEs.
- Fixed: Binding MAC to static IP address on LAN settings page did not take effect until reboot.
- Fixed: TR069 401 errors.
- Fixed: TR069 username and password failure.

Can we get ethernet port speed, duplex and errors/crc’s? Please!


Is this any different than the beta 2.2.1?

It is the same.