BaiCE AP 2.4.7 - New CPE software has been released!

BaiCE AP 2.4.7 for Atom R9 Cat4 Gen2 CPEs and new MLHxxxx module firmware has been released. This update primarily resolves connectivity issues when SAS is enabled.

Atom OD04H/L (EG7035E, EG7035L)
Atom ID04 (EG2030C)

:warning: NOTICE: MODULE FIRMWARE UPGRADE IS REQUIRED. For the PCI-Only Lock feature to work, the LTE modem module firmware will need to be upgraded, in addition to the CPE software. There are two different LTE modules used with the Cat4 gen2 CPEs so you will need to carefully check the module name before selecting the appropriate module firmware. The CPE module firmware version can be found on the CPE overview page. From the OMC, the module firmware for each CPE can be found by clicking the export button on the CPE>Monitor page. If upgrading the CPE software from the OMC, the module firmware will automatically upgrade.

:triangular_flag_on_post: Known Issue:

  1. SAS registration procedure takes around 10 minutes upon SAS being enabled on the CPE. This is primarily due to the CPE not supporting STUN and will be resolved in the next release.

Software Download: BaiCE_AP_2.4.7

Module Firmware:


Version BaiCE_AP_2.4.7_NA

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: SAS: Incorrect max TX power may be set
- Fixed: Incorrect TR069 packet size may be sent to the OMC
- Fixed: Iptables scripts may erroneously block LAN traffic

Running a little late here, but what is the procedure for updating the module firmware? I’ve clicked on nearly everything I can find in OMC and am not seeing it.


The module is automatically upgraded during the omc firmware upgrade process. You may need to do the upgrade twice to get the module upgraded. You will want to verify the module has the correct version.

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That’s crazy. load the firmware twice in order for the module to upgrade ?

run it from the OMC