BaiCE AP 2.4.5 - New CPE software has been released!

:information_source: UPDATE (10/16/20): We are currently investigating reports of high UL BLER after upgrading the Cat4 CPE modem module firmware. For the time being, we have removed the module firmware from automatically updating with the latest Cat4 firmware and suggest that the module firmware (for MLHxxxx and MT421e) not be manually upgraded until our investigation is complete.

If you wish to downgrade the module firmware back to previous release, please find the download links below:

BaiCE_AP_2.4.5 for Atom R9 Cat4 Gen2 CPEs has been released.

Atom OD04H/L (EG7035E, EG7035L)
Atom ID04 (EG2030C)

:warning: NOTICE: MODULE FIRMWARE UPGRADE IS REQUIRED. For the PCI-Only Lock feature to work, the LTE modem module firmware will need to be upgraded, in addition to the CPE software. There are two different LTE modules used with the Cat4 gen2 CPEs so you will need to carefully check the module name before selecting the appropriate module firmware. If upgrading the CPE software from the OMC, the module firmware automatically upgrades is currently not working fully and is under maintenance.

:triangular_flag_on_post: Known Issue:

  1. SAS registration procedure takes around 10 minutes upon SAS being enabled on the CPE. This is primarily due to the CPE not supporting STUN and will be resolved in the next release.

Software Download: BaiCE_AP_2.4.5

Module Firmware:

  • MLHxxxx:
  • MT421e:


Version BaiCE_AP_2.4.5_NA
New Features:
- Added: SAS support for CPE
- Added: PCI only lock
- Added: Upgrade LTE module firmware via TR069
- Added: Further details to SAS status (SAS status, Radio Status, and Granted EIRP(10MHz))
- Added: Automatically populate SAS parameters(FCC ID, Antenna Gain, and Radio Technology)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: UL Frequency showing incorrectly on the GUI
- Fixed: WAN not forward packets to the LAN
- Fixed: SAS: Parameters not auto-sync with OMC
- Fixed: SAS: Remove "Standalone" and "Single-step" for the time being 
- Fixed: SAS: Remove unnecessary parameters
- Fixed: SAS: Auto-populate incorrect Antenna Gain value
- Fixed: SAS: Auto-populate incorrect FCC ID
- Fixed: SAS: Getting granted with incorrect MAX EIRP
- Fixed: SAS: EG7035E-M2, EG7035L-M2 not showing FCC ID and Antenna Gain value
- Fixed: SAS: Display incorrect value under Granted EIRP(10MHz)

Hey i have a router eg2030c-m2 atom id04-6.5 but it has a modified software from a local ISP. How to flash stock firmware or img bcz there is no upgrade option