BaiOMC Update - December 2nd, 2016

As most are currently aware, the BaiOMC has not yet been opened back up to the public. We turned off access to the BaiOMC early yesterday morning, due to a random reboot issue of the CPEs. We want to be certain the issue is resolved before making the BaiOMC publicly available again. The current ETA to bring the BaiOMC back up is during the weekend.

Lack of access to the BaiOMC does not interrupt service to your clients. They should have normal access to the Internet, as the CPEs authenticate to the Cloud EPC. The BaiOMC is the Operators Management Console, provided to add and monitor devices to the EPC. We apologize for this temporary inconvenience.

At this time, we are asking operators who have experienced the reboot issue, to volunteer to test the BaiOMC again. Volunteers will have access to the BaiOMC starting today at 10PM CT. Early access to the BaiOMC includes a new patch and allows us to gather important data. If you wish to volunteer, please email with a list of public IP addresses your eNodeBs and CPEs currently use.

Status Details

We are currently running many tests internally, as we try to reproduce CPE reboots. As of now, we have yet to replicate the issue. The issue is likely caused by a bug in the handling of TR-069 inform messages by either the BaiOMC or CPE software, or both.