BaiTip of the Day - November 30th, 2016 - Atom UE WAN Interface Access

Many operators seem to have missed the previous posts or overlooked a configuration in the Atom UE/CPE Web GUI to allow HTTPs Login from the WAN interface. By default, the UE firmware blocks access to web GUI from WAN and enabling access will require further configuration:

  1. Log into the CPE web GUI, then open the WEB Setting menu (System->WEB Setting).
  2. Enable “Allow HTTPs Login from WAN”, then click Submit.

To login to the UE remotely, type the WAN IP address of the eNodeB followed by :5(last four digits of the IMSI number of the SIM card in the UE) into a web browser. In other words, https://X.X.X.X:5xxxx


So do we need to setup a route on our network to reach this or is this just for the LGW setup thanks.

HI Chad,

Yes, you need setup LGW and enable route to access Atom. following url may help you.