Temporary Gen 2 UE Firmware Modifications


The Atom GEN2 UE original firmware was not modified for the North American market before shipment. We apologize for this oversight. This should be corrected by early June when the new release becomes available. In the meantime, please make the following modifications to the UE configurations for firmware version BaiCPE_V100R001C01B005SPC009.

TR069 Settings:
TR069 enable checked
ACS Address: http://baiomc.cloudapp.net:48080/smallcell/AcsService
User Name: (not required)
Password: (not required)

Other missing fields or features that will be resolved in the June release:

  • Cloudkey and Nickname fields (missing)
  • Backup and Restore Config File Feature (missing)
  • iPerf Feature (missing)
  • Ping Watchdog (missing)

Note: The default IP address for all Gen2 and future UEs and eNBs will be for consistency.

One more thing, under the Web Setting menu, check the Allow HTTPS Login From WAN box.


I was hoping this would fix the indoor units not showing up in the OMC but sadly it did nothing.
The outdoor units work just fine even with the username and password in the fields.