How Do you setup Atom ODO 14-04 Gen2 Wifi

Hello everyone and thanks for taking your time to review my post.

I am curios to know if anyone knows how to connect to the Atom ODO 14-04 CPE, by its Wifi! I enabled the Wifidog settings on the device, performed a reboot and I cannot see the SSID it should be prod-casting to connect to the device by wifi. Any help would be great or even a user setup guide would be great too. Thank you everyone.

Hello everyone, if you are seeing my original post above, I have an update to add a long with it. I got in contact with Bai - Cell, they informed me to upgrade it to the latest firmware. I did so and still no wifi broadcast and you cannot connect to the Atom ODO 14 Gen 2 CPE through Wifi. I recently contacted Bai Cell back and updated the ticket. They reached back out to me and said that there is currently still a problem with that feature and that there software engineers are working on the problems and it will be resolved with the new firmware that is suppose to be released. Keep in mind the Firmware that is currently out is “BaiCE_AP_2.1.4_NA.bin” , this version does not fix the Wifi issue. However this firmware version does resolve a lot of other issues, such as being able to give the device a longer nickname and provide a backup file you can download and upload back on the device if the device were to ever fail and lose its configurations.

I hope this helps, I will keep on top of this and if Bai Cell, releases an updated version, I will let everyone know the new results.

Thank You.