Cloud OMC/BOSS Upgrade Announcement - August 4, 2021 @ 12:00am Pacific

The OMC and BOSS section of CloudCore is being upgraded on August 4th at midnight PT (Pacific Time). This update mainly adds bug fixes and improvements related to SAS and introduces support for “Virtual Roaming”, which enables operators to selectively allow roaming between other CloudCore operators.

Downtime is expected to last 10 minutes and the CloudCore portal may not be accessible during this time. This upgrade will have no impact on UE or eNB connectivity to the Cloud EPC as well as the DP SAS service.

:information_source: Additional Upgrade Notes:

In preparation of the OMC upgrade, the OMC database servers will be synchronized 24 hours prior to the OMC upgrade (August 3rd, 2021 at Midnight PT), which is expected to last for ~5 hours. While synchronizing, the OMC and BOSS UI may not be as responsive. Also note the DP SAS service runs on separate servers and will continue to heartbeat during this time.


OMC Version 7.1.6 & BOSS Version 7.1.6
New Features:
- Added: OMC: Support combined GAA+PAL channels
- Added: OMC: Support SAS on Neutrino 430
- Added: OMC: Support the WLAN configure for SnapRouter
- Added: OMC: Support operator roaming
- Added: OMC: Plug and Play
- Added: OMC: Migrate device from commercial OMC to beta OMC
- Added: OMC: Support eNB recurring reboot
- Added: OMC: Add services alarm and hardware alarm
- Added: OMC: Support B4860 in self-start
- Added: OMC: Allow QATA/QAFA/QAFB eNB to upload flow statistics file in HaloB mode
- Added: OMC: Allow QATA/QAFA/QAFB eNB to disable LMT
- Added: CloudCore: SAS billing plan
- Added: BOSS: Support virtual roaming feature

- Improved: OMC: Add log name in sas main log to display the procedure of the SAS message
- Improved: OMC: Set a 10 minutes timer for temp grant reliquished
- Improved: OMC: Display original and temp grant information on the procedure diagram
- Improved: OMC: Send temp grants from preferred frequency list if original grant request has been suspended
- Improved: OMC: Make scan mode visible on the monitor page
- Improved: OMC: Update UI on eNB change password
- Improved: OMC: Move "Reset Configuration" to the "Backup&Restore" page
- Improved: OMC: Remove Map from dashboard page and replace it with Map view on monitor page
- Improved: OMC: eNB upgrade GUI
- Improved: OMC: PCI lock GUI
- Improved: OMC: CPE upgrade GUI
- Improved: OMC: Reword SAS-CBSD messages in log
- Improved: OMC: Support new devices registration on monitor page
- Improved: OMC: Reorganize monitor > operations to Maintainance Group and Actions Group
- Improved: OMC: Add GPS alarms including ant open alarm and ant shorted alarm
- Improved: BOSS: Remove "Customer" page

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: OMC: Send GRANTED heartbeat instead of AUTHORIZED heartbeat after transmission time was expired
- Fixed: BOSS: Enable to mass import unlimited APN config