CPE Bandwidth Control


When is the expected date to control bandwidth to individual CPE units


The next major EPC/Cloud update should enable us access to the “Boss” system where we can set up traffic shaping. I believe they are doing a ‘slow’ roll out of this system as we speak and it should see general availability towards the end of the month.


So that I understand we will see this in the OMC or is the BOSS system a new login thanks



I’m not absolutely sure, but, I believe the “BOSS” system is a new login.



Is the boss login to enable rate shaping/limiting done yet?



Not yet, we are working to finalize this ability between now and the end of the year.


I am ready to get involved with using the BOSS system, what do I need to do?



Not much we can do until the new eNB firmware is ready. Expected in late January according to the latest update we received.


So… is the shaping working now?


Yes ours is working just fine


We shape/QoS the UE’s with Splynx (www.splynx.com). .
Works perfectly.
Side effect: Quota/Volume Services work too.