OMC and BOSS editor discrepancies

In the OMC, you can press Enter to search for your query. In BOSS, you have to use the mouse to click Query.

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Searching needs to work the same way on both the OMC and the BOSS. Our tech support staff can never find the subscriber in the BOSS, because searching the last 4 of the SIM doesn’t work!

Not only do you have to click Magnifying Glass to search (unlike the OMC where Enter works to search), you also have to click Advanced Query, then put the last 4 of the SIM into the Sim Code field.

I often have to remind the tech support staff how to do this, because it’s not natural and should be an easy fix. Thanks!

Pressing “Enter” after typing something in a search field is a basic “feature” that seems extremely pointless to NOT have. I swear, the thinking behind the CloudCore user-interface usability is just wack.