OMC and BOSS Upgrade Announcement - September 19, 2017 @ 12:00am Pacific

The OMC, BOSS, and System section of CloudCore is being upgraded this Tuesday at midnight PST. This is a re-release of version 3.0.1, which got rolled back after issues with incorrect information being displayed from the last upgrade.

To summarize the last upgrade rollback and solution: The Apache Tomcat web service was reaching over 75% of processing threads, which would disable HTTP keep-alives. In turn, TR-069 inform messages would close and reporting from eNBs and CPEs would not be properly recorded in the OMC. To resolve this issue, we changed the Tomcat connector from BIO to APR and split Tomcat into 3 separate web services (WebServer, TR069Server, and FileUploadServer).

For release notes on version 3.0.1 update: