Option 82 DHCP Request


Many of the manufacturers support this option 82, which allows us to create a DHCP reservation for our customers using the mac address of our inventory, rather than the mac address of the customer’s wireless router. Here’s a snippet from another manufacturer’s user guide that does support this feature.

When working with an external DHCP server, EPC/ PGW acts as a DHCP Client and
Relay Agent and optionally enables configuration of DHCP Option 82 (including suboption
6 with UE subscription identity – IMSI).



You can use an external DHCP server using our Pseudo-bridge L2 mode in LGW settings.


Thanks, we are using our own DHCP server. Option 82 gives the added capability of being able to make DHCP reservations in the DHCP server based on the CPE’s mac address. This way a customer can plug in anything they want and nothing needs to be updated in the DHCP server.

Here’s a little diagram. Step 2 would be performed by the Base Station, adding some extra information onto the DHCP request like the CPE’s mac address.

A couple of other LTE vendors support this already, in addition to Cambium.