SNMP OID List - Outdoor CPE

Due to high demand, I am posting the main SNMP OID list here for the outdoor CPE. There is no official MIB file yet.

Model Name -

Software Version -


Serial Number -

Connection Time -



Frequency -

Channel Bandwidth -







TX Power -


I’m trying to add these to my SNMP server, and wanted to verify the SNMP credentials. Thanks

I had a wierd issue with LibreNMS, I managed to add one radio with L2 on the eNB, but now won’t let me add any more.

The standard “public” community string is all that is required for read rights.

Thanks. Figured out my other issue too, had to force LibreNMS. I’m possibly going to get it set up in Cacti, but I don’t see DownLink and Uplink Rate in the above list.

Also, ideas when upcoming version of eNB will have SNMP?

We are still waiting on throughput OIDs. Any updates on these OID’s coming out?

We’re successfully graphing CINR, RSRP, etc. but the throughput graphs keep jumping to different interfaces, very annoying! Almost daily! Is there anyway to graph these?

I don’t quite understand this…

None of my Baicells Outdoor CPE’s has a SNMP feature in the configurations.
I asked Baicells Support and they say, Baicells Outdoor CPE’s dont support SNMP.

I would need SNMP.
Just like many of us.

I would like to understand (Jesse?) which CPE that is/was which supports SNMP or if there is some kind of specials Firmware?


The SNMP service is enabled and functions on the CPEs, however, there is no configuration page to manage this and hence, SNMP is not officially supported. Current status on official SNMP support for the CPEs is on December of this year.

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How would we know the IP address of each CPE so we could poll the SNMP statistics from all the Baicells CPE?

Would we need to assign static IP addresses to each CPE prior to being able to poll each CPE via SNMP?

Presently we only have 5 customers…distributed between 2 eNB

We are still using the default NAT on the CPE…and figured we needed to move to bridge mode on the eNB so we could get public IP addresses on the CPE at some point.

For me, SNMP doesnt work on none of the Outdoor CPE’s. Not even on latest v1.0.12
Maybe thats because I use the LGW in NAT-1:1 mode?

Non of the CPE’s respond to SNMP (timeout)

Anyone else having this?