New OMC gui not good

OMC gui.

Not a fan of it. Mainly the little pop up buttons that appear when you click on a menu item such as monitor. One monitor button for eNB and another for for CPE. Neither of those refresh in any way. I have to close the button then click on the menu item again to get current data.

I also find that the data you are looking at doesn’t always correspond with the item selected at the top of the page when using those buttons.

I would really like them to do away with those and we just click on the desired menu item then click eNB or CPE at the top for current data on those.

Also not tablet friendly. Was not the best before but worse now. For instance when clicking the gear icon next to an eNB in the eNB monitor page, the new window pop up is not usable. Can scroll in it to view information.

Under the CPE section you can no longer search by PCI number
This GUI needs improvement.