Service Level Agreements – Policy Update for Existing Customers

On July 1, 2022, Baicells Service Level Agreements or “BaiCare” was announced, offering three tiers of support available for existing customers. Some support services were complimentary, and some were available only for an additional annual charge.

Starting June 1, 2023, Baicells will begin to enforce these Service Level Agreements under the documented plans: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Highlights:

  • Bronze plan – minimal level of support that comes at no additional cost for existing customers. This is the default support level unless an upgrade to the higher Silver/Gold levels is contracted. Bronze level users will only be able to receive support via email and on a best-effort basis. Users do not receive complimentary phone support. Phone support is available but would be billed extra at a minimal hourly rate.
  • The Silver and Gold plans are provided for an additional annual charge. Users will have both phone and email support and priority phone access (9a-5p or 24/7) to the support resources per the respective policy. The annual charge is determined by the underlying Baicells network configuration (Number and type of Baicells radios in service).
  • For all 3 tiers of support, firmware and software updates will continue to be provided at no charge.
  • Custom support options are also considered on a per-customer basis.

This change is being made in accordance with both the growth and scale of the networks that we are required to support. This also aligns with standard industry practice.

This transition to the BaiCare 3-tiered policy starts June 1, 2023. We encourage you to review the options and plan accordingly. Details of each of the BaiCare Plans.

If there are still questions or concerns on this policy update, please reach out to Baicells to review: or 888.502.5585